Collective Health Employer Portal

The first integrated solution for self-funded companies to manage health plans, control costs, and care for their employees.

User Experience
User Interface

The Background

Collective Health's technology and vision revolutionize healthcare delivery by taking employer healthcare data to the next level. Its flexible networks and programs, employee engagement tools, and actionable data allow companies to control their healthcare expenditures and improve employee care.

Collective Health has its own UI/UX design department, but it needed external help to design a seamless and intuitive user flow throughout its new Employer Portal.

Dworkz rose to the challenge of collaborating with the Collective Health design team to develop an Employer Portal that comprehensively caters to core HR needs, such as claims adjudication, administration, financial operations, member support, and integrated analytics. Our objective was to empower employers with the flexibility to optimize network choices, identify the best point solutions for their needs, and seamlessly manage day-to-day operations using Collective Health's one-connected system.

Our Approach

When we started working with Collective Health, we discovered that their design team had already conducted a user study and created three distinct user groups: newcomers to self-funding, multitasking catalysts, and data-driven leaders. To effectively kick off the project, we focused on gaining a comprehensive understanding of these personas, exploring their backgrounds, challenges, goals, and wishes.

Our study of Collective Health's client personas provided us with a clear vision of the critical components of the Employer Portal user interface—its main navigation and a complex filter mechanism. Our primary goal was to optimize the UI layout so that users could easily navigate the portal and comprehend the data they are viewing or comparing, as well as the date range of that data. However, we also acknowledged the importance of allocating enough space for the information itself.

The Result

Collaborating closely with the Collective Health design team, we helped design a streamlined Employer Portal with integrated reporting and live dashboards that bring all the pieces together—claims, utilization, benefits operations, program engagement, and member touchpoints.

The Portal's services improve employers' healthcare investment rigor, accuracy, and efficiency. Precise financial operations and reporting help control waste and manage cash flow. Armed with the information they need, Collective Health's clients and consultants can now focus on insights and next steps instead of gathering data.