SuperGIF – A Content Marketing Platform With a Mission

SuperGIF auto-generates snackable video content for any message, saving time and increasing efficiency for all marketers.

User Experience
User Interface

The Background

SuperGIF is a platform developed by Chispa House, a video production company known for their documentary-style films for brands. With over a decade of experience working with clients such as Caterpillar, Aflac, and Dunkin', Chispa House noticed that their video content often had a limited lifespan: the films would be used once or twice for specific events before being retired to the shelf. To address this, they created SuperGIF to repurpose existing brand videos into more versatile and usable marketing material. By automatically generating custom gifs from existing content, SuperGIF helps brands save time, improve efficiency, and reach a wider audience.

Before partnering with Dworkz, Chispa House had created a basic flow map of their MVP for SuperGIF. This flow map gave us a comprehensive understanding of the platform's structure and raised many questions about its potential evolution. However, Chispa House was not yet ready to tackle all of these questions and instead wanted to start with small UI/UX design steps. Our initial focus was on two key areas: the GIF library and the GIF details. Unlike platforms like Imgur and Giphy, Chispa House wanted a more corporate-business appearance for SuperGIF, but with a playful touch, given the nature of their client base.

Our Approach

We began our work by improving the design of the GIF library, with a focus on functional elements including sorting and filtering, download and sharing options, tags, and click counts. We created two different library grids to accommodate different aspect ratios of GIFs. During the design process, we considered all the future features of the platform that had been discussed during our initial conversation with Chispa House. Our aim was to design the system in a way that would enable easy integration of new features as the platform evolves.

The Result

The outcome of our work is a platform that leverages the strength of any brand. With SuperGIF, creating, sharing, and tracking visually engaging, motion-first content for online advertisements, emails, and landing pages has never been easier.

Brands can now repurpose their existing video content into bite-sized, shareable moments, maximizing the value of every video they produced. Customers using SuperGIF have reported a significant increase in conversion rates compared to their previous creative efforts, with some seeing a 400% improvement.