A platform that nurtures meaningful customer connections through personalized, action-inspiring text messages.

User Experience
User Interface
Front-end Development

The Background, founded in 2006, aimed to simplify routing 2-way SMS messaging over US-based shortcodes. Through numerous iterations, they developed a shared shortcode platform for sending and receiving TCPA-compliant SMS and MMS messages. The platform skillfully handles high-volume 2-way texting using a mix of US Carrier-approved shortcodes and US and international long codes. Besides their technology, offers a powerful CRM that enables the creation of text marketing campaigns and delivers insights for improved subscriber intelligence.

A decade into their journey, teamed up with us to give their feature-rich CRM a fresh makeover, catering to text marketers who want top-notch solutions.

Our Approach

The original CRM was built by engineers without a strong focus on UI design and user experience. As a result, the platform required extensive training and technical support for businesses. We aimed to reduce complexity, minimize onboarding time, and cut back on technical support needs through a redesigned CRM.

We began by breaking down the CRM into meaningful sections and documenting each feature along with its functional description. While the documentation process might not sound thrilling, it's crucial for the project's success.

Moving forward, we created wireframes for the new CRM and pieced together a clickable prototype. This lets us test various use cases and quickly tweak the UI based on user feedback.

With our design team concentrating on the CRM's look and feel, our developers collaborated with's back-end engineers to build a robust foundation, topped off with an inviting and intuitive UI.

The Result

We delivered a completely revamped CRM featuring a sleek user interface and workflows optimized for efficient navigation and content access—a robust tool empowering small and medium businesses to forge valuable connections with their customers through targeted, action-inspiring text messages.