Administrator Dashboard

PubNub has created a Data Stream Network that allows developers to build real-time applications while ensuring security, reliability, and scalability.

User Experience
User Interface

The Background

PubNub is an expert in real-time infrastructure-as-a-service, offering solid security, 99.999% SLA-backed reliability, and scalable solutions that can handle even the largest real-time deployments. All of this is made accessible through user-friendly APIs and over 70 SDKs.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with PubNub's founders even before the company was established. When the time came to update their product with new features, they trusted us to help streamline the user interface and improve their data visualizations.

Our Approach

We kicked off the project with an in-person meeting with PubNub's engineering team to evaluate the platform's challenges.

Conducting user research gave us a deep understanding of the PubNub Administrator Dashboard. We gained valuable insight into the Administrator Dashboard's strengths and weaknesses by interviewing PubNub customers. This enabled us to redesign the navigation and information architecture to better address the needs that surfaced during our research.

The Result

Close collaboration with the PubNub team was the key to this project's success. PubNub's customers met the new release of the Administrator Dashboard with great excitement.

The updated UI, improved data visualizations, and streamlined user experience helped people manage their PubNub applications more effectively, which significantly reduced support call volume for the customer support department.