Bullet Point Network

BPN helps financial investment leaders connect stories to statistics to make smarter, strategic decisions.

User Experience
User Interface
Front-end Development

The Challenge

Bullet Point Network (BPN) works with investors and companies to combine human insights with a powerful platform built to augment human intelligence and help people make more informed investment choices.

BPN needed a website through which they wanted to showcase their services, explain how they leverage their platform for research management and scenario modeling, and tell their team's story.

Our Approach

BPN executives wanted to describe today's financial investment problems and how their analysts use BPN's software platform to produce strategic scenario models that turn stories into quantifiable data for better decision-making.

We started the project by taking the time to understand BPN's services and their unique value proposition. Our goal was to guide the BPN team through everything we saw in their industry. By exploring creative directions for BPN's new website, we aimed to push the boundaries and elevate their business offerings.

The Result

We wanted to break the monotony of information by type and iconography and set the tone for the visual language. Our goal was to give the website a more editorial and dynamic feel while keeping it modular enough for the BPN team to expand it in the future without outside help.

We designed and built the website to do the practical job of persuading visitors to try the services offered by BPN fundamental research analysts.

The BPN website is built on top of the most popular CMS platform – WordPress. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.

"The new website reflects the BPN’s ambition to make a difference in how financial investors make better decisions."

— Peter Moore , Co-Founder and Research Architect at BPN