Onboarding Experience is a dynamic innovation engine for world-class enterprises, bridging the gap between established Enterprises and Startups.

User Experience
User Interface

The Background

Iterate, the innovation engine for world-class enterprises, embraces applied and open innovation. They encourage established businesses to harness the startup ecosystem for rapidly breaking new ground and provide the tools and support for seamless adaptation of their processes.

Iterate Studio® needed a comprehensive microsite offering tailored options and guidance for cultivating relationships with companies, considering factors such as timing, commitment, and unique business circumstances. And Dworkz stepped in to help them achieve this.

Our Approach

Early discussions with Iterate executives made it clear that the microsite should be purely informative, offering guidance to organizations looking to collaborate with Iterate.

The onboarding process involves multiple steps for companies. First, we aimed for utmost transparency in the onboarding workflow, made accessible through the microsite's navigation. We intended to convey users' progress, status, and next steps as clearly as possible.

The Result

We designed a concise and instructive microsite that simplifies the onboarding process for companies collaborating with Iterate, significantly reducing the time required for integrating new partners.

This streamlined platform lets Iterate seamlessly connect its enterprise clients with innovative technology firms, granting access to trailblazing software that has been thoroughly vetted and tested in real-world scenarios.