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Ten tips for managing remote teams in 2023 effectively

Your hands-on guide on managing remote teams effectively in 2023. Leading a remote team has never been so efficient with Dworkz's best practices.
Remote TeamTips

Main principles of effective SaaS data management

SaaS data management principles ensure the maintenance of data integrity, a key requirement for every app. Read on to find out more on the subject.
Data ManagementSaaS

How to troubleshoot data-driven web application issues: 4 effective steps

Taking appropriate measures to solve data-driven web application issues can save you from troubleshooting problems later. Find out where to start.

Data visualization – the fundamentals

We live in a data-driven world, and the ability to create effective charts and graphs is just as important as good writing.
Data Visualization

Ten practical ideas for your remote team collaboration

Successful remote team collaboration relies on smooth communication. Improve your virtual team-building with these ideas
Remote Team

Biotech data visualization tools: is it worth turning to customization?

Let’s explore different biotech data visualization tools and see how they stack up to customizable data visualization services.
Data Visualization

Speaking through data

Business leaders and decision-makers now have a wealth of data at their fingertips, which they can use to track and forecast their organizations’ performance. There is a difference, though, between having data and being able to communicate it.
Data VisualizationDesign

Touch-based user interfaces usability study

This post examines touch-based user interfaces from a variety of industries and the extent to which their design adheres to or violates fundamental UI principles.
UI DesignTouch Screens