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Touch-based user interfaces usability study

This post examines touch-based user interfaces from a variety of industries and the extent to which their design adheres to or violates fundamental UI principles.
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Data-driven healthcare transformation: where do B2B go from here?

Healthcare organizations live in an era of unprecedented data abundance and aggregation. The healthcare industry generates more than 30% of the world’s data volume. And that figure is expected to grow faster than any other industry.

5 key points of data-driven application infrastructure

Companies that are becoming more mature in their digital capabilities are seeing better business outcomes. Some are even pulling away from the pack.

How to create a winning B2B SaaS product strategy?

In the SaaS industry, sellers had all the leverage back in the day. Few vendors were offering specific software-as-a-service solutions, and buyers had few options to choose from. Things changed as SaaS companies became a dime a dozen.