At the forefront of trading technology, Tickeron delivers both AI-driven and human-assisted tools for savvy investors.

Visual Identity
UI/UX Design
Front-end Development

The Challenge

In 2016, Tickeron — a brainchild of Ph.D. mathematicians and quants — dreamed big. They reached out to us with a vision: an all-in-one, interactive hub for financial wisdom, the ultimate investor's hub.

Inspired by their innovative vision, we teamed up with Tickeron to design this ambitious marketplace and give their venture a consistent and recognizable identity. Our collaboration included crafting a visual identity that matched their innovation, designing a user interface that feels intuitive and engaging, developing a responsive and smooth front-end, and integrating animations to bring an extra layer of interactivity and flair.

Tickeron had an ambitious vision: to offer a platform with tailored financial tools for users ranging from beginners to expert traders and advisors. Our role was to translate this vision into an intuitive and engaging online experience, beginning with a website that guided users to their ideal subscription tier.

The vision unfolded as a grand marketplace, layering design challenge upon design challenge. Our mission was to design a suite of distinct features: the Academy for learning, the Mall for idea exchange, and the Pattern Recognition System for advanced analysis. The Virtual Portfolios, Trader Clubs, the Screener, and Time Machine each demanded their unique designs.

It was a big task, but we were eager and ready to turn Tickeron's bold vision into a user-friendly reality.

Our Approach

Faced with Tickeron's immense marketplace, our quest was to design a versatile grid layout that would serve as the canvas for a multitude of tools, engaging users without distracting them from the content. We began by comprehensively studying each feature, outlining unique requirements, and considering every possible use case, constraint, and business need.

We meticulously sketched out user flows, content maps, wireframes, and prototypes, laying a solid foundation for our design efforts. This detailed blueprint guided our creativity and ensured we navigated Tickeron's ambitious platform with precision, transforming it into an intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing experience.

The Result

In close collaboration with Tickeron's co-founders, we shaped a dynamic, scalable design system that touched every corner of their sprawling marketplace. This design system became a pivotal tool, facilitating communication, implementation, and governance across Tickeron's diverse financial platform.

This design library encapsulates everything necessary: from grid and breakpoint logic to typography and color rules, from component structures to interaction patterns and content terminology. It serves as a single, reliable reference for ongoing content creation and product management.

This powerful toolkit empowers designers and content managers to create with confidence while aligning with Tickeron's vision and design ethos. A testament to the strength of collaboration and iterative design, it transformed Tickeron's ambitious vision into a user-centric reality.

Dworkz understands more than just design; they also understand business logic and add immense value to any product management team. They meet expectations and excel at business app design.

— Andrey Pogodin , VP Software Engineering at Tickeron